How can I change path of JS module files?

How can I change path of JS module files? (cute.canvas.module.js , cute.css3d.module.js , cute.2d.module.js)

Please add following script after cute.slider.js in your page and replace ?your custom path?.

<script type="text/javascript">
    Cute.ModuleLoader.css3d_files    =  ['your custom path/cute.css3d.module.js'];
    Cute.ModuleLoader.canvas_files  =  ['your custom path/cute.canvas.module.js'];
    Cute.ModuleLoader.dom2d_files  =  ['your custom path/cute.2d.module.js'];

How can I create a slider with fade transition effect?

Please add following script before CuteSlider setup.

Transitions2D.fadetr = {
                selector:new Aroma.SerialSelector(),
                effect:new Cute.Effect1()

Then change all of the 2d transitions in CuteSlider to fadetr (data-trans2d=?fadetr?)

for example

li data-delay="4" data-trans3d="tr4,tr21,tr62" data-trans2d="fadetr">

And ensure that you have specified data-force=?2d? for slider :

<div id="slider" data-width="800" data-height="350" data-force="2d">