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Lightbox error when page animation is enabled (Phlox 2.0.5, last WordPress)

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  • Hi there!

    First of all, thanks a so lot for the wonderful theme, which I already use in multiple websites. It’s truly a premium theme for free.

    So, as of the subject, when I enable the page transition under “General” options of customizer the lightbox misbehaves.? Simply put it opens for a fraction of time only to then redirect to the media URL. It happens even with all the plugins disabled and with different types of lightbox. I tested it with different installations (even fresh theme and WP) in different hosts and all of them are the same. Also, the page preloading works perfectly with no issues, but I prefer the fade transition instead.

    Thanks a lot for any help you guys can give me, would be so much appreciated.



    Customer Support M.B

    Dear friend,
    Thank you for choosing to work with Phlox and welcome to the forums.
    Also, thank you so much for recognizing our efforts.

    I recommend that you use the gallery feature of the Phlox for your images. It will have the best results.
    Please read the related documentations here.



    Hi there, “Averta”.

    Kudos was, as in greek, Keep Up The Good Work (e.g.: Fatboy Slim – Praise You). My nickname is Hotfingers, Hot. 😉

    I’m so much glad that you are glad. Truly. But some cooperation would be nice.

    Your gallery widget comes with your plugin, the “Auxin Elements” / “Phlox Core Elements” / “Shortcodes and extra features for Phlox theme”.
    Which, by chance, I do not want to use, as I have heavily modified the core theme and I can’t update it; as of now that plugin gives me the error “plugin disabled as phlox theme needs update”. I would have made all the necessary changes using the child one but some of them couldn’t be made that way (Logo and custom HTML on top header bar, custom page loops, custom footer columns ratio, etc..).

    So, if it could be possible, there’s any way I can make the theme jquery compatible with others lightbox plugins (vice-versa)?
    Or maybe there’s some way to keep the changes made to the core theme even while updating it (I am also interested in this, apart from the answer to my main question)?

    As of now, the only problems with your theme that I found are those two. Page transition related to other lightbox plugins AND your core plugin being disabled if core theme isn’t up to date (which is ok and understandable).

    Thanks again, a LOT. And excuse me for any speck of arrogance you may have found in my words.

    P.s.: I am so willing to buy the pro version of phlox, I was even before this problem. But I also need to know if with it something would change. Or if there will be future updates accordingly.

    P.p.s.: Also, I have noticed a couple of things that need adjustment in your main website “”. Contact me privately.

    Customer Support H.F


    Sorry about the delay in responding.

    First, about updating theme and element, As the theme needs many functionality and it is not allowed to use them in the theme (based on rules), we have moved them to the Phlox Core Elements plugin. Each time we update the theme, we update the plugin too. In short, the theme can’t work as expected without core plugin. An easy way to avoid errors about plugin update, is changing the version of plugin and theme to the latest. In theme, you can edit style.css file and for plugin, edit the auxin-element.php file.

    Second, As phlox will get many updates, it is important to find other way to edit theme instead of editing core. Child theme is a good idea.

    By the way, Could you please enable the fade effect temporarily so we can check it on your site for any possible issues. Or you can provide us a temporary account and let us to enable/disable it.

    Waiting to hear from you again.

    P.S: We will contact you by email directly about adjustments in Thanks.


    Hi there,

    Some time passed but I’ve now returned to this project.

    Regarding that last problem, I solved it using another type of page-loader.

    Now I am concentrating on having the website always up to date while maintaining my modifications to the theme and its functions.

    So, I think I will go with the child theme but the point is that I made some heavy changes in the theme, like:

    – New header template
    – New category and search page post loop template
    – New sub footer 3 areas ratio (mine is 4-3-5)
    – And other minor changes

    How can I keep those changes using a child theme? As you are aware, for some of these I had to change core files too.

    Thanks a lot!

    Customer Support M.B

    Glad to hear from you again.

    Regarding the modifications, You can still do that.
    First, create a child-theme or use our ready to use Phlox child-theme here and the copy/paste the modified files in the exact same directory path where they were.
    But please notice that you may need some extra changes again to adjust the functions completely (based on what you have changed).

    All said, most importantly backup your current theme folder in case of any data loss.

    Kind Regards,



    Thanks in advance for the fast reply!

    So, the back-up is done. I started with the child-theme, transferred some functions from the main fucntions.php file and some template parts from “phlox > templates” and for now all is good.

    But, I am still a little afraid of touching core folders.
    Can I do the same with the folders and files under “auxin” or “auxin-content”?


    – “phlox > auxin > auxin-include > include > functions.php”
    – “phlox > auxin > auxin-include > include > templates > templates-header.php”
    – “phlox > auxin-content > options > auxin-options.php”

    And if it’s doable without any major drawbacks will I be able to maintain all changes after future updates? Or should I only manually update so that I can check for any revert-changes?

    Thanks a lot!

    P.s.: When buying the pro version: what are the major changes apart from premium plugins? And the license for the pro theme and plugins is only per-site?

    Customer Support M.B

    Thank you for the follow up.

    I think you are safe to do that too. You can repeat the process for those directories too. But watch out for the functions which you have changed.

    Regarding your question about Phlox Pro, I will mention some of it’s features:

    1. Premium demos which are far more better than normal
    2. New options
    3. News section
    4. Premium WooCommerce options and styles
    5. Premium support

    I can go on and on if they are not enough. I strongly suggest that you visit the Phlox Pro home page and also see the it’s page on the market for more information.

    1. Phlox Pro homepage
    2. Phlox Pro on market

    Please let me know if you had any further questions.

    Kind Regards,


    Hello, I too am having the exact same issue with the lightbox appearing for a second and then the page animation redirecting to the media link.
    Do you mind explaining how you solved this?
    Thanks a lot

    Customer Support M

    Please create a new ticket for yourself and provide us with your site login credentials, we need to check your site.
    For now, please disable default elementor lightbox and try it again.
    Best Regards,

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    I also have this issue. I’ve disabled “default elementor lightbox” but no result.


    Any fix for this?


    Customer Support M.B

    Dear @hokerberg,

    Please start a new ticket and send us your information there. Because every problem need to be investigated separately and you need to provide your private username/password for us, it would be best if we continue to assist you in your own ticket.


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