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Core Elements Plugin activation breaks email validation in other plugins

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  • Hi there, when I activate this plugin I begin to get errors in other plugins (ie WP-HR) when trying to create a new user with an email address. The error I get is “Please enter a valid email address.” regardless of the email address being perfectly valid. This goes away when I deactivate this plugin. In this particular case, the email address is rejected in the wp-admin backend, so it’s not necessarily a user-facing issue, but it does prevent me from creating new users through the HR plugin. I haven’t provided login credentials, but if it’s absolutely necessary, please let me know.

    Using the latest WordPress (4.9.5), theme (2.1.3) and plugin (2.1.6) versions.



    Customer Support M.B

    Hi “Ian”.
    Thank you for choosing to work with Phlox and welcome to the forums.

    Also thank you for the provided details.

    Please notice that in situations like this, we need to take a closer look and investigate a couple of possible causes for the problem and for that we need to have access to your WordPress admin area.
    So, please send us a temporary “Administrator” account and stay tuned while we check this issue.
    Please remember to select the “Set as private reply” checkbox when sending the reply, so that only our support staffs can see your message.

    Kind Regards,

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