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Cannot update Phlox Pro to version 5.1.4

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  • I cannot update my Phlox Pro theme to the latest version, when trying it just says that it’s unable to update as file can’t be found.


    This is causing all the other related plugins to not update too.

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    Customer Support M

    Thanks for contacting us and using Phlox.
    We have updated your them and Phlox core elements plugin on your site.
    Please activate your theme with your license key and update other theme plugins then use it.

    If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
    Best Regards,



    updating the theme in wordpress does not work, see screenshot attached. The purchased item is disabled in ThemeForest, so there is no possiblity to get a current version as download.

    Please resolve this issue as soon as possible, or provide a separate download for the theme.
    The related plugins have been updated and require the current version of the theme, which is not available. Currently, this breaks formerly working websites.

    Best regards!

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    Customer Support M.B

    Thank you for contacting us.

    We are having a temporary problem in the sales department and currently, the Phlox Pro can’t be downloaded from the market. We are investigating this issue and will bring back the Phlox Pro to the market as soon as possible but it may take a few days.
    For now, you can get the latest version of the Phlox Pro here.

    Also here is the video tutorial for manually installing the Phlox Pro:

    And please note that currently your own licenses can’t be activated.
    For now, please use the following code as the license key to activate the Phlox Pro:

    We are working on this issue and it will back to normal soon.

    Kind Regards,

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