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auxin_the_main_header changes 2.0.17 -> 2.1.0

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  • Hi Guys,

    Thanks on creating a great theme. I am running into some issues on the latest update that I was hoping to get some feedback on. I had been overriding the default header by creating a child theme and reimplementing auxin_the_main_header_section() in the functions.php file in my child theme.

    However, starting with 2.1.0, it looks like you are no longer wrapping this function call in auxin/auxin-include/include/templates/templates-header.php with the if( ! function_exists()) call necessary to support overriding this in a child theme. I suspect this was removed to support the elementor plug in, which although might work to fix my issue looks a little heavy for my liking.

    Can you suggest any alternative ways to override auxin_the_main_header_section rendering?


    Greg Sabatini

    Customer Support M.B

    Hi “Greg”.
    Thank you for choosing to work with Phlox and welcome to the forums.
    Sorry for keeping you waiting.

    You can fix this by removing the function hook and adding a new hook.
    You can use the following sample code :

    Please let me know if this was helpful to you.

    Kind Regards,

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