How can i install my wordpress theme?

Instaling theme is really?easy. First you should upload the theme to your wordpress site.

There are?two methods for?doing that:

Upload Methods :

1 – FTP Upload?:

You need a tool for uploading theme files to your website, you can use “File Manager” from cPanel or any FTP client.

Here are?some good FTP clients (free) :

Extract theme zipped file, then upload extracted theme folder to?/wp-content/themes/?directory on your site. so after uploading it you must have something like?/wp-content/themes/your_theme/


2 – By WordPress?: In this method you can upload theme zip file directly from wordpress admin panel.

In wordpress admin, go to?appearance > themes > install themes. Browse theme zipped file and hit?Install Now. Your theme will be uploaded and installed.

installing wordpress theme

Note: ?If you want to use this method, The server that hosts your website must?allow upload file size greater than 20 MB. Most host providers have only up to 2MB file size upload limit.

In this case you need to increase maximum file upload size?or?upload the theme by FTP


Activation :

Great ! now you have installed your theme. Now you just need to activate the theme. go to appearance > themes, Under the theme screenshot , hit activate link.?It’s done !

Important:?After uploading your theme, please hit ?Save all options? button in the Option panel because themes need to cache options.